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The Enneagram

The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual and psychological guide offering helpful assistance in our growing awareness of self, others, and God. The Enneagram is not another "personality test" offering a final say as to who or what we are. The Enneagram is a self-discovery map offering profound assistance on our journey of wholeness by opening our eyes to the gifts we bring as well as blind spots and patterns that hold us back. The narrative enneagram tradition is an extraordinary teaching method promoting an open exploration of each personality type, offering a unique and transformative experience. The Enneagram is not the end but a means to cultivating a deeper union with God. As we become aware of self-limiting patterns and coping mechanisms rising from embedded beliefs and core fears we are empowered to courageously cultivate our truest self, with practices and actions that foster increasing fullness—spirit, soul, and body. We were created to be conduits of love. Together, we walk each other home!

"Waking up is our greatest praise to the Divine. The Enneagram Map supports this waking up by indicating the patterns that lull us to sleep and blind us to the love and kindness that surround us. Moving through these patterns and inner narratives liberates us to live and love more fully. We are worth waking up to!"


Sandra Smith

Our type is what shows up when we don't. The Enneagram works by having us see as objectively as possible, and with as much kindness as possible, the patterns that we get stuck in—the patterns that we've taken ourselves to be. There's something in us that's here to grow and mature and ripen that is our truest kind of humanity.


Russ Hudson

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